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We specialize in providing business and back-office solutions for law firms. By focusing on the business needs of law firms, our goal is to allow lawyers to focus on the practice of law. Our approach to the business of law results in efficient business operations and lawyers who are able to achieve their highest potential in serving their clients and developing their professional careers.

Operations & Facilities

We manage your law firm's day-day-day activities to ensure that everything is running smoothly within the office premises.

IT Solutions

With market pressures and a highly competitive legal marketplace, our customized IT and software solutions can help your law firm effectively address challenges and rise above the competition.


Our accounting professionals ensure that your accounts and banking are in order and that you have the support and resources you need to plan for the future.

HR & Recruitment

We understand the challenges of finding and retaining quality staff to work in a fast-paced law firm environment, especially when the quality of your lawyers is parallel to client satisfaction.

Marketing & Branding

With our specialized knowledge of the Canadian legal marketplace, we ensure that your law firm’s marketing and branding strategy is targeted and focused on achieving maximum results.

Human Wellness

We advise law firms on the importance of physical and mental health and assist them with integrating a healthy law firm culture in all aspects of its operations.

Financing & Capital

We offer innovative financing and capital solutions and strategies to help law firms meet their long-term goals.

Management Consulting

We provide consulting in various areas of internal law practice management and strategic management to help your law firm reach the next stage in its success.